About us
This film gives you an impression about Kyocera Micro Tools.

We are setting up a distributor network in Europe for Kyocera Micro Tools.


Use our experience for your production

  • Since the last 20 years we have been im- and exporting precision tools
    mainly for metal- and plastic processing.

  • Our product range reaches from drills, end mills, threads over micro tools in
    general to custom designed tools. We are responsible for clients in
    Germany as well as in other European countries.

  • We are striving hard to serve our contribution to an
    efficient production with a complex service for sustainable productivity

  • Our service includes consulting at the face of our clients, also with the
    help of our partners, intensive accompaniment of new products as well
    as client oriented stocking after implementation of these products.

  • In recent years we intensified our partnership with Kyocera Micro Tools
    USA . With Kyocera Micro Tools we put a greater focus on the
    Micro metal cutting. At present we are building up an European distributor network for Kyocera Micro Tools USA.

  • Through out our cooperation with Petrofer Chemie we are also able to
    solve problems consulting the interplay of tool, machining, cooling and
    lubrication, furthermore the cleaning and conservation.
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